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WWE Diva Paige doesn't want the championship belt to be retained by AJ Lee for long. AJ Lee has already been successful in creating a world record for staying as a WWE Divas champion for as long as 295 days. This time around, she has got a tough competitor in Paige. It is expected that they will get a championship match at Hell in a Cell special event to be held later this month.


Paige's debut is as interesting as her finishing moves. She came to WWE Raw to congratulate AJ Lee on her victory at Wrestlemania XXX but instead AJ Lee slapped her and invited for a title match immediately. Paige has not only successfully defeated AJ but also ended her 295 days long reign as a WWE Divas champion in that match at WWE RAW.


Paige's huge increase in fan following

The former WWE Divas champion Paige is getting a huge popularity these days. She has successfully won hearts of all with her magnificent debut at WWE Raw, few months back. That was truly inspiring. After all she faced her first match inside WWE ring as a title contest and that too against a champion athlete- AJ Lee. Eventually she had won the match. Fans are very much impressed by her eccentric finishing moves too.

Paige came to USA from all the way from the Norwich city in England. She got wrestling capability in her genes. Both her parents and siblings are professional wrestlers. They promote professional wrestling inside Norwich town.

This 22 year athlete has been successful in getting a huge fan-following that many of her other senior WWE Divas failed to achieve so. Her attitude is clean and clear she wants to reign over WWE Divas division in the future. In recent times her sworn enemy is the AJ Lee whom she also considered her good friend in recent past.

How AJ Lee could Survive Ram-paige

Believe it or not but AJ Lee is the most determined women wrestler of all time. Former WWE Diva and Hall of Famer Lita was the source of her inspiration when she debuted in WWE main rosters RAW and Smack Down three years back.

AJ Lee's popular black widow finishing move has helped her a lot to clinch titles on several occasions. But for the talented Paige it wouldn't be much difficult to convert the same into a ram-paige.


AJ Lee has to outsmart Paige at each move to win a championship belt. Paige has been fighting from the age of thirteen and she has the natural wrestling ability to slam the opponent. On the other hand AJ Lee has got better experience of playing at big matches. Hence AJ could emerge victorious if she outwits paige and avoids her extremely dangerous move ram-paige.

What the WWE authority has in mind

Both AJ Lee and Paige want a duel fight score match v 1.05 mod apk this time. Triple threat makes the match trickier and riskier as well. Last time these two wrestlers had to fight in a triple threat match at No-Way-Out. At that time Nikki Bella was included in the same fight. Ultimately the champion Paige lost that match and AJ Lee was crowned as WWE Divas champion again.

The WWE special event Hell-in-a-cell is just few weeks away; hence the Divas are ready to settle their old score in an emphatic manner one more time. This time around the authority is planning to bring both Bella twins in a separate match. On the other hand Paige and AJ Lee will fight for the Divas championship belt.

It would be really interesting to see if AJ Lee could retain the championship belt or the anti-diva Paige snatches it from her at the Hell in a cell match. Both these women athletes have fifty-fifty chance to win a title match at the special event. Amidst several finishing moves, it would be amusing to see which one overpowers another.

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